Almond Chocolate Covered Toffee

Belgian Chocolate & Toasted Almonds

Almond Chocolate Covered Toffee

My unique blend of sugars and sweet cream butter create a dark rich toffee that is blended with toasted almonds.  Top it off with Belgian dark chocolate and ground toasted almonds.  Rich, dark, addicting!

Never did I imagine I’d be producing confections, but sometimes things just happen.  Oh and I’m so glad they did.  Sweet Cream Butter, Local Honey, Toasted Nuts, My Special Blend of Sugars, Flavored Sea Salts, Belgian Chocolate, Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract… when presented with these amazing ingredients how could I resist???  And luckily for all y’all I didn’t.

Size & Pricing

$15 - 6 oz. packages

  • Great for snacking & gift giving
  • Handmade
  • Locally Sourced